The apparatus is a clinically-proven hi-tech electronic product, which is designed to incorporate strong points of both traditional Chinese medicine and modern physiotherapeutic science. It is a combination of various factors such as warm, magnetic, field, impulse electricity oscillation, etc. in thermotherapy, magnetic therapy, electrotherapy, medicinal therapy and massage, thereby showing unprecedented functions and remarkable effects.

        The product can replace all the function and effect of acupuncture, massage, and hot compress by hand. Through acupoint electro stimulation to the effect of thermal penetration, magnetic wave conduction, herbal osmotherapy and mechanical oscillating massage, the product can dredge one's channels and collaterals, regulate Ying-Wei, and make better blood circulation, livelier metabolism of skin cells, and strengthen the body's natural resistance against diseases: thus curing one of all pains and internal ailments, and keeping one's skin and face finer and smother without any wrinkles, and prolonging one's life.