monkey style

by Xi Yun-tai & Li Gao-zhong
5.5” x 8”, 137 pp.
This book captures the last master to be crowned with the honored title of “Monkey King," the legendary Xiao Yingpeng, at age 66! Xiao is a consummate master of the style, and was hailed as one of the top masters of his era. This book pays homage to one of the greats.


Ten routine spring leg

by Ma Zhenbang
5.5” x 8”, 147 pp.
Spring leg, also know as Tan Tuy, is one of the most famous sets of Kung Fu. Descended from the tough Moslem fighters who immigrated to China centuries ago, spring leg is known for its powerful kicking technique. Ma is a master of this form who can trace his remarkable lineage straight back to the founder of the style!


13 Emei shortsword techniques

By Gai Dianxun & Li Shixin
5.5" x 8", 233 pp
This book covers a weapon is rarely seen in America. The shortsword is similar to a straight sword, but the size of a long dagger. This sword was common as a personal weapon for everyday use, since it was not as unwieldy as a full length sword, but still quite lethal. This book contains two complementary routines, the yin sword and the yang sword.


Five Ganzhi Meihuazhuang Techniques

By Wang Zhizhong, Han Jianhong, Yan Zhiji
209 pages, 5.5x8
Meihuazhuang (piles driven in a plum-blossom shape) Boxing is a kind of traditional Chinese martial arts. It has its own unique style and attack-defense techniques. In ancient times, people practiced Meihuazhuang techniques on the piles. As time goes on, the boxing was generally shifted from the piles to the ground. The boxing is known for its powerful and simple movements, and is popular in China. The Boxing is also an effective means for cultivating heart and nature culture, keeping the body fit, and self-defense.


23 Wudang Taiyi Wuxing boxing

By An Tianrong
5.5" x 8", 195pp
Wudang is the famous mountain of Taoist temples, legendary swordsmen, and birthplace of Tai Chi Chuan. This style is a fusion of Chang San-feng's 13 posture of Tai Chi. Hua Tuo's classic five animal play and other Taoist parrying techniques. This is a unique and impressive style.


The shooting star boxing of the Shaolin Hung's Pugilism (Chinese-English)
少林洪家 流星拳 (中英对照)

by Ho Lap Tim
179 pages, softbound
Master Ho studied from Deng Fang a disciple of the famous Wong Fei Hung. From his deep study of Hung he has developed this version of the "Shooting Star Form" with correct and definite elements of the Tiger and the Crane arts. This is perfectly permissible within traditional lineage as SiFu Ho has created a beautiful and obviously completely classical form that retains Hung's "flavor" while giving a new emphasis to certain combinations. The entire form encompasses 86 postures and has key elements from not only the Tiger/Crane but the 5 Element and Ten Animal forms of Hung Family Fist. Once again proof that the traditional methods can be flexible, beautiful and creative.
The illustrations in this text are of Sifu Ho himself performing all postures for the "Shooting Star Fist".


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