Chinese cooking

ISBN:  7505405624
Author: Wang Yanrong and Yu Shenquan
Language:  English
Publisher: Morning Glory Publishers
Type: Paperback
Pages: 189 Pages
This book has put particular emphasis on certain points which are especially difficult for people outside China to grasp. In the chapter "Introduction to Chinese Cooking", there are eight sections devoted to the selection of ingredients, preliminary preparation of the ingredients, cutting technique, preparing condiments, time and temperature in heating and different methods of cooking. The would-be cook is introduced to the fundamentals at each stage of the cooking and to the actual skills. The book also includes 200 recipes to suit both the northern and the southern palate. Most of them are common everyday family recipes. Some are famous dishes, and hors d'?vre and sweets which may come in handy in planning for a family feast or a small dinner party. This book gives the ingredients and condiments required for each dish and simple instructions on how to cook them. The colored plates will give you an idea of the cooking utensils used by a Chinese family, the vegetables they eat and the dishes themselves, which show the main features of Chinese food.